Refugee Settlement Information

How Plan to Protect® Can Help SAH's and CG's with Refugee Settlement

On December 11th, we offered a free webinar addressing the need to consider the risks and liability organizations face with Refugee Sponsorship called, “Let’s Plan to Protect Refugees.” If you missed the webinar we have provided it below.

In partnership with North Park Community Church, we have developed a policy and procedure template that can be now be modified for Sponsorship Agreement Holders and Constituent Groups.    If you are interested in purchasing this policy, contact us at  The policy development and distribution costs have been partially subsidized.

Finally, we have launched our Plan to Protect® Orientation Training for Refugee and new Immigrant Protection. Again, in most cases your regular abuse prevention training does not cover the material that is needed to work with Refugees.  We have significantly revised the content of the training for this context.  This training will be available for Certified Trainers of Plan to Protect® as an on-line module, and it will be offered as LIVE webinars (dates below) and as an on-line training option. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about these training options. 

Melodie Bissell is the President & CEO of Plan to Protect®, a Canadian-based organization with a vision to win the race against abuse. Plan to Protect® provides the tools, training, and momentum to create safe environments for the vulnerable sector. Melodie regularly consults with associations, schools, camps, churches, nursing centres, and dioceses on abuse prevention, risk management, and strategic planning. She is also a sought-after speaker and trainer on Vulnerable Sector Protection. Melodie lives in Stouffville, Ontario with her husband, Scott.  Melodie and Scott travel internationally, teaching.  In this article Melodie also draws from her experience working among Refugees and Immigrants from 1986 to 1994.  

Read Melodie's blog entry on this topic, posted December 22, 2015.

Let's Plan to Protect Refugees

A Message from Melodie Bissell:

"It thrills our hearts to see so many of our members and clients extending hospitality and welcome to the thousands of refugees that will be arriving on our doorsteps in North America. Twenty five years ago, my husband and I worked in refugee camps in Europe. Never have I witnessed such loss, and heartache as when we met thousands of refugees that had fled Eastern Europe, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Poland, etc. Our lives have never been the same."

In the webinar below we will answer your questions: How vulnerable are refugees? Speaking of screening refugees, who should be screened to care for them? What additional training should our volunteers receive to care for and understand individuals from the Middle East? Do extra precautions need to be taken for our volunteers and staff? What amendments should be made to our policy if we are adding refugee sponsorship as a program or ministry that we offer, who is ultimately responsible if harm occurs? And more.


The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Immigration Program: A Legal Liability and Insurance Perspective (CG Co-Sponsor Organization Version)

The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Immigration Program: A Legal Liability and Insurance Perspective (SAH Version)

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Refugee and New Immigrant Protection On-Line Training NOW AVAILABLE

This Plan to Protect® Refugee and New Immigrant Orientation Training is designed for those who work or volunteer with Refugees and for those involved in Refugee Sponsorship Programs. This training meets insurance requirements and is part of striving for the HIGHEST STANDARD of protection.

This is a module-based training.

A letter of completion will be emailed to the registrant immediately upon finishing the course; and a certificate will be issued within 2 business days.

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