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Please fill out this form to inform Plan to Protect® of your organization's interest and/or intent to apply for the Seal of Excellence.
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    Congratulations on your nomination and your interest in the Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence. Plan to Protect® provides the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection to organizations servicing the vulnerable sector. It is our desire not only to provide this HIGH STANDARD of protection for organizations that serve the vulnerable sector but also to recognize those organizations that demonstrate that they are achieving this standard!

    You do not need to receive a perfect score to receive recognition or to receive the Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence. We celebrate your successes along the way. Like climbing a mountain, each step of the journey is getting one step closer. Our climb is one step closer to providing a safer environment for members of the vulnerable sector and those that work with them. Once, you feel you have made progress in implementing Plan to Protect®, we encourage you to join the climb to achieving the HIGHEST standard or protection and abuse prevention.

    1. Base Camp (Scores of 500-699) - You have started to implement Plan to Protect® and are now striving for a HIGH standard of protection.

    2. Assent (Scores of 700-899) - You are doing really well, Plan to Protect® has become part of your DNA. You are striving for a HIGHER standard of protection.

    3. Summit (Scores of 900-1200) - You are striving for the HIGHEST standard of protection, and you receive the Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence.

    The actual Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence is reserved for organizations that truly meet the intent of the criteria of Plan to Protect® with scores of 900 or above. The Seal is accessible to any organization servicing the vulnerable sector. This is not a contest; rather it is a means of recognizing excellence in abuse prevention and protection of the vulnerable sector. It is a means of also encouraging the raising of the bar on protection.

    The Seal of Excellence is our opportunity to do just that! Are you ready?

    ~ Begin by stating your intent to apply, by filling out this form.

    ~ Submission Fee: $350 (Non-members); $150 (Members); Free (Going the Distance Members that have completed at least their 1st year of membership)

    ~ Once you have completed this INTENT form, you can begin the SUBMISSION process

    ~ SUBMISSIONS (aong with all supporting documents) can be submitted anytime during the year. However, submissions begun January-June must be completed by June 30th, and submissions begun July-December must be completed by December 31st. The Review Panel will review submissions during the 1st and 3rd quarters of the year.

    ~ A Peer Review Panel will review and score all submissions. Total available points to be awarded is 1200.

    ~Elements are scored individually and points are allotted as follows:

    1. Leadership Buy-In: Demonstration and Commitment of Protection - 100
    2. Understanding of Abuse - 100
    3. Policies - 100
    4. Screening and Selection of Staff/Volunteers - 100
    5. Training (Orientation and Refresher) - 100
    6. Operational Procedures - 100
    7. Monitoring and Supervision - 100
    8. Facilities - 100
    9. Administration Practices Including Documentation Management - 100
    10. Reporting Abuse - 100
    11. Response to Abuse - 100
    12. Conclusion (Bonus Points) - 100

    A rubric will be used to impartially score each component.

    NOTE: Organizations that score above 900 points may be asked by the Peer Review Panel to provide further validation, site visit or interview.
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