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Plan to Protect® is the highest STANDARD of abuse prevention and vulnerable sector protection.  Our customized tools, training, policies and procedures help leaders and their organizations meet that standard.


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Plan to Protect® wants to help you create safer programming and a safer world.

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Our standard mirrors that of the insurance industry

Definition of Abuse

We can provide customized policies, resources AND training

Screening Volunteers & Staff

We can teach you how to screen your volunteers & staff AND we do police checks

Train Volunteers & Staff

We can teach & equip you to train your volunteers & staff OR we can train your volunteers & staff for you

Modification of Premises

We provide on-site audits AND consulting services

Organizational Procedures & Permanent Documentation 

We can teach you how to maintain documentation AND we can recommend documentation management systems

Reporting & Response Protocols

We provide customized policies, training AND consulting

Plan to Protect® 101 Webinar

Over, 7,500 clients have chosen Plan to Protect® as the standard of protection and abuse prevention they are striving to achieve. This webinar introduces you to the standard and covers the basics of Plan to Protect®. We will include an introduction to our company, an overview of the insurance requirements, an implementation strategy, and a review of our membership levels, resources, services and training. 

This is a complimentary webinar. Register to participate LIVE with Q&A time, or to receive access to an instant replay.

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