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  • Last night I saw Spotlight.

    Today I feel numb! 

    Spotlight is a 2015 American drama film directed by Thomas McCarthy and written by McCarthy and Josh Singer.

    The story is about The Boston Globe's "Spotlight" team, a newspaper investigative unit in the United States. The real Spotlight Team earned the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

  • You are well underway into a new program year!  How is registration processes? 

    The purpose of this blog entry is to encourage you to take time 6-8 weeks into the program year to review your registration forms, highlighting things that should be communicated to teachers, helpers, and program personnel. 

  • The countdown’s on - we are weeks away from another program year.  Many organizations take a well-earned break during the summer months but they know they may need to recruit additional staff or volunteers for the Fall.
  • When I was a young girl (in the 60’s) I can remember admiring young people[1]!  I couldn’t wait until I could wear stiletto heels, have sleepovers, drive in convertibles, chew tobacco (I never did this one), and be a camp counsellor, like the teens around me.

    My role models (good and bad) helped shape my young years.  So, when  I was 15 years of age I began volunteering in the summers working with children at camps and missions, and during the school year as a Candy Striper in a Veterans Hospital.  They were happy days where I was able to give back and become a role model to many.  I learned many rewarding skills and gained terrific experience...

    We definitely think it’s a great idea to utilize young people to work with children. Here are 20 important things to keep in mind when working with youth volunteers and staff ...

  • To be truthfully honest, I am a little surprised. I like to believe the best about our clients, but some of you have bought into a lie or there is a complete misconception. I’m not sure whose eyes you are trying to pull the wool over but, I am going to be tough on you here! I am beginning to believe some of you are taking short-cuts and trying to find loopholes in your policies and procedures.

  • One of the greatest challenges I face in my role, is helping our clients view Plan to Protect® as an initiative to help accomplish the objectives or goals of their charity or corporation.  Every corporation and charity has identified object clauses that describe the kind of work the corporation or charity will do. A corporation can then carry out activities described in their object(s).

  • Feb4Wed

    Is all touch inappropriate?

    February 4, 2015
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    Vulnerable Sector

    According to the National Post, the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association this week sent coaches an email noting restrictions on when men can be in dressing rooms, a ban on social media interactions, and strict rules regarding email communication. 

    Though I can appreciate restrictions being put in place, knowing they will reduce the risk of abuse, I wonder if some restrictions have not gone too far.  The Toronto girls hockey league also told coaches they cannot touch players on the bench — not even on their helmets. 

  • When Plan to Protect® was first written, in 1996, our focus was on the protection of children.  In 2000, we recognized that not only did children require protection when placed in the position of care of others, but youth also needed that same standard of protection. Over the course of the last five years we have increasingly seen the need to provide that same standard of protection to vulnerable adults and the elderly.  As North American's age, we are reading of a great number of individuals that are being exploited during the last years of their life.