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  • Aug21Wed

    My middle school teacher molested me.

    Book Recommendations -- Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse August 21, 2019 Andrea Clemens
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    Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse
    Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse

    Written by Andrea Clemens as our Call to Action in Plan to Protect: A protection plan for children and young people, A protection plan for those that work with them. (USA version) 

     “My middle school teacher molested me.

    How is it possible for those words to be written?  One would think that a school teacher, trained to educate and care for children, would be the last person able to harm a child.  Het, this man sexually abused me for years, and not a single adult came to my rescue. 

    Mr. Baker was a well-respected married man whom students loved, parents trusted, and the school awarded.  He spent two years grooming me – building up my trust, spending time listening to my problems, and showering me with much-needed attention I hadn’t received at home.  Mr. Baker was completely above suspicion that he would be capable of sexually abusing someone. 

    The abuse lasted throughout my high school career and beyond.  I was finally able to break away from his control over me and moved out of state.  Years later, I contacted the principal of the middle school where Mr. Baker was still teaching.  I disclosed the abuse to him, and after a brief conversation, the principal said he would ‘take care’ of it. 

    I heard nothing for eight months from the school.  Then one day I received a call from local detectives informing me that Mr. Baker was in custody.  I was confused; I hadn’t even given my statement to any officials.  And I was told, “Oh, no, he’s in custody for statutory rape of two fourteen-year-old girls.” 

    Andrea Clemens is the author of Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse.

    Invisible Target is a true, detailed account of Andrea’s experience of educator sexual abuse at the hands of her middle school teacher. It follows her journey, beginning with her tumultuous childhood, meeting the teacher, and the grooming process he created to lure her into a false sense of trust and ultimate betrayal. After years of abuse and manipulation, she finally found the courage to bravely break away from her abuser.

    With excerpts from newspaper articles and an actual court impact statement, this book gives you a clear picture of how the epidemic of educator sexual abuse begins, progresses, and affects so many innocent lives.

    Invisible Target is more than a memoir. With thought-provoking questions at the close of each chapter, this book serves as a strong educational tool for students, parents, teachers, and administrators by shedding light on the dynamics of educator sexual abuse so that school can be a safe haven for every child.

    We highly recommend Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse to teachers, administrators, parents and victims of educator abuse.  The book is available on our on-line store at www.plantoprotect.com

    Do you want to learn more?  We have special interest webinars on our school designed for educators, administrators and school board members. 




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