"Children are among society's most vulnerable members, and child-serving organizations must make the protection of children a key concern. World Vision believes child protection standards are an essential tool to help safeguard children from exploitation and abuse. Then, once the standards are on paper, they must be enforced and there must be a commitment to continually examine efforts to reduce risks to children and to heighten awareness of child protection in the community and home. Plan to Protect® is a valuable tool to aid in the process."

Dave Toycen, President, World Vision Canada, Mississauga, Canada

"Plan to Protect® is Canada's leading training and policy company focused on assisting organizations working with children and other vulnerable groups. They have filled a desperate need in the marketplace and worked tirelessly on behalf of their clients to provide the best strategies and resources for keeping kids and staff safe. Plan to Protect® is continuously researching the best solutions possible for their client, and they have concluded that the ScreeningCanada platform is the right partner for Plan to Protect® going forward. This platform provides the very latest technology to facilitate the best possible enhanced criminal record checks, identification verification and customer support. Plan to Protect® has worked with ScreeningCanada to design functionality that works for Plan to Protect® clients. My companies have screened over 8 million Canadians and I know what a quality screening process looks like. Plan to Protect® is indeed the leader in their space.

Dave Dinesen, Founder, and past president and CEO, BackCheck

"In these times of security risks in our society, both in our communities and unfortunately, within the walls of the church itself, the need for providing a safe environment for our children cannot be overstated. In addition to praying for a hedge of protection around our families, we should be wise and discerning about how our kids are cared for. When churches consider developing and improving policies and standard operating procedures within their children's programs, it is essential that they have good information about the resources and options available to them. 'Plan to Protect®' is an excellent resource for not only beginning the discussion but also following through with implementation of the plan. [Plan to Protect®] could be an outstanding partner for your faith-based organization."

John Kim Cook, Ph.D. , President & CEO Cook Strategies LLC,
former director of the Center for Faith-Based and Community
Initiatives for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"For over a decade Robertson Hall Insurance has recommended Plan to Protect® to our church client organizations. The updated version is even more user-friendly, practical and understandable for church and charity leaders as they seek effective ways to protect the children and youth in their care against potential harm and protect their ministry workers from false allegations. Plenty of great examples, training ideas and sample forms means that your organization doesn't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to abuse prevention. Having the new edition and updated materials as a resource and template for abuse prevention policies and procedures is like the benefit of an expert without having one in your congregation. We applaud the efforts of Melodie Bissell and [Plan to Protect®] for making effective abuse prevention more understandable and achievable... !"

Kenneth A. Hall, President, Robertson Hall Insurance Inc., London, Canada

"Having devoted the majority of my career to managing and insuring the risks of religious and secular nonprofits, I know well the pitfalls of having inadequate protection for their most vulnerable constituents. Plan to Protect® provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, turnkey risk management solution that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of any religious entity -- from the parish church to a denominational headquarters. I know of no other resource providing this depth and quality of actionable, hands-on content approaching this price point, and I commend Plan to Protect® to any institution seeking to fortify its youth risk management programming."

Scott R. Konrad, Senior Vice President, Willis of New York Inc.

"As the administrator / principal of my own childcare centre and private school, I know the importance of being knowledgeable about current policies and practices that enable our young children to have a positive and safe learning environment. The Plan to Protect® manual is an excellent resource that is user friendly and has proven to be of great value as a training manual to the whole school, staff and student body."

Stephanie Ling, PhD., Administrator / Principal, Children's Primary Centre / Cornerstone Preparatory School, Toronto, Canada

"We are thrilled to come together into a national partnership with Plan to ProtectTM - an organization at the forefront of safety and abuse prevention training. Plan to ProtectTM provides extensive expertise in the safety and abuse prevention field with their programming, materials, and extremely knowledgeable staff. Their ability to successfully and effectually train organizations serving vulnerable populations is unmatched. With this partnership, Verified Volunteers is excited to add another highly effective security and protection measure to our arsenal of products. We are now equipped to better mitigate risk within the service sector."

Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director, Verified Volunteers

"This course [Train the Trainer] will allow your organization to best protect its vulnerable stakeholders and give your staff and leadership peace of mind concerning the same."

Mike Anderson, General Council,


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