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  • Feb28Thu

    Protect Through Screening

    February 28, 2019 Melodie Bissell
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    Policies and Procedures

    Sexual abuse has once again been in the news over the past few weeks. In recent media interviews, I have been asked how much protection criminal background checks really provide.

    Whenever I encourage our clients to protect through screening, they immediately believe I am talking about criminal background checks. Any form of background screening provides an important step towards protection. But criminal background checks and/or vulnerable sector checks are only one step in the screening process.

    At Plan to Protect® we recommend your screening process include:

    1. A consistent recruitment process throughout the whole organization
    2. Provision of a position description
    3. Use of an application form
    4. Interviews
    5. Three references
    6. A Criminal Background Check
    7. Orientation training
    8. Signed Covenant of Care
    9. Secondary Approval
    10. Supervision and evaluation

    Most insurance companies require mandatory screening to qualify for abuse coverage for the following individuals:

    • All staff including paid and unpaid clergy, teachers, assistants, program leaders
    • All volunteers working with children, youth and vulnerable adults/seniors, including parent volunteers on a rotation basis
    • All board members, trustees, directors and officers
    • Designated monitors, security teams and care staff

    If abuse was not prevalent in our world, we could trust everyone. In light of the outcry for a greater protection, organizations should be more proactive in protecting the vulnerable. We must seek to protect the most vulnerable in our society, communities, congregations, programs and activities. Plan to Protect® can help you with your screening steps.

    Join us this month for our Protect Through Screening complimentary webinar. CLICK HERE to for more information or to register.

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