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  • Aug13Thu

    Parents Take 5 for Safety

    A Guide for Making the Decision for School and Care August 13, 2020 Melodie Bissell
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    Vulnerable Sector

    “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” Charles Swindoll

    One of the biggest decisions we have to make during our lives is whether or not we will become parents.  For some, this was a no-brainer - What do you want to be when you grow up?  A mommy, or a daddy!

    When we had children, did we ever anticipate that we would be bringing children into a COVID world and needing to protect them not only from predators, allergens, childhood illnesses, but also pandemics?

    Today, desperate parents are trying to make the decision as how best to educate their children in a COVID world?  Everyone has an opinion as to what is best for your child.  Even your child has an opinion. 

    The options most parents are faced with are, sending their children back to daycare and school, school by internet at home or at a caregivers, learning pods, or homeschooling.

    The tension of making this major decision is causing parents everywhere to panic. 

    Arguments fill the room and phone lines with tension.

    Our emotional and mental states are in the danger zone.

    Your children are bored.

    The virus still is waiting to find another victim.

    The clock is ticking down.

    Your employers are growing impatient for you to either return to work or to be less distracted.

    Child abuse is on the rise.

    OK – time out!  Take 5.  Breathe …. Breathe deeply.

    Look over at your child and let the love you have for this precious being capture your thoughts for just a moment.  Remind yourself that the journey to making a decision is as important if not more so than the decision itself. 

    Over the course of the next 72 hours ask yourself the following questions.  I suggest you write down the answers – journal, meditate or pray, seeking for inner peace. 

    1)    Who is responsible for making this decision – list the decision-makers?

    2)    What are our key values and priorities?

    3)    What are our options – list them?

    4)    What is in the best interest of my child(ren)?

    5)    What are the strengths and weaknesses of each option?

    These are only the first five questions.  Don’t stop here.  If you would like the full article with a list of all 25 questions to help you make the decisions regarding childcare and school, CLICK HERE 

    If you found this article helpful and would like other parent resources CLICK HERE

    Melodie Bissell is the President of Plan to Protect®, a Canadian based coaching and training company providing the highest standard of abuse prevention and protection of the vulnerable sector.  Melodie is an author of many bestselling books and published articles, is an inspiring speaker, blogger and has just launched a podcast that is marketed as the Safest Podcast on the Internet.  Melodie and her team serve 10,000 organizations in North America coaching and training them on best practices on safety.  Without hesitation, Melodie believes her greatest claim to fame is being a parent to five amazing children, three by birth and two by marriage.  In October 2020 she will welcome her first grandbaby into the world!





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