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    The Role and Responsibility of Members at Large

    August 21, 2023 Melodie Bissell
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    Vulnerable Sector

    The Role and Responsibility of Members at Large

     Over the last few months we have been unpacking the roles and responsibilities of individuals that sit on a Plan to Protect® committee.  If you missed the earlier segments, check out our blog for the

     This month we will end this series with the role and responsibilities of Members at Large, that sit on the Plan to Protect® Committee.

     Members at large, also known as at-large members, typically refer to individuals who are part of the committee but do not hold specific officer positions or titles. They serve as general members and often play important roles in decision-making, oversight, and providing diverse perspectives. Given your involvement with Plan to Protect® and your desire to prevent abuse, you might find it interesting to know that members at large can play a crucial role in ensuring accountability and transparency within organizations, especially those focused on abuse prevention.

     Their responsibilities can include:

    Participation in Meetings: Members at large are expected to attend regular meetings, discussions, and workshops related to the organization's activities, goals, and initiatives.

    Decision-Making: While they might not have specific titles, members at large are usually given the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes or influence of the content of policies and procedures. Their input is valued and can contribute to well-rounded decisions.

    Representing Diverse Perspectives: Members at large often bring diverse viewpoints and experiences to the table. They can help ensure that decisions consider a wide range of factors and potential impacts. They may be students, parents, grandparents, or department heads.

    Oversight and Accountability: They can help hold departments accountable to the policies and procedures by monitoring actions and ensuring the department volunteers and staff are complying to policies and procedures and aligning with the organization's mission, values, and goals.

    Advocacy: Members at large can advocate for abuse prevention helping to address the challenges or obstacles that arise.

    Feedback and Input: They provide valuable feedback and input on various matters, contributing to safeguarding.

    Supporting Leadership: Although not in formal leadership roles, members at large can offer support and assistance.

    Engagement: Members at large often can assist the Administrator with screening steps and the Trainer during a training event, etc.

    Though Members at Large may feel their roles are small and insignificant on the committee, they can make such a difference in helping to spread the word of the importance of safeguarding.


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