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  • Jul20Thu

    The Sound of Freedom. We God’s children are not for sale!

    July 20, 2023 Mollie Sitwell

    For the very first time in my life, I attended a movie alone. I tried to bring someone along. I invited five different people, in fact. Finally, I resigned myself to the fact that no one else was interested, so I grabbed my box of Kleenex and watched what would end up being a life-changing film!

     Let me preface my review of this movie by saying I rarely go to the theatre. This is because I tend to be frugal, and I am pretty sensitive to watching sex and violence. Despite the fact that this movie deals with sex trafficking, the topic was dealt with respectfully. There are many scenes in which the viewer knows what is going on but is not expected to endure the horror by watching it. There was no gratuitous sex nor flesh, and while the alcohol flowed freely and cigar smoke filled the screen, these elements enhanced the story's tragedy for me.

     How did "The Sound of Freedom" impact me so profoundly? It served as a reminder that the lives of children worldwide often hold very little value except to be used and abused by evil humans. Adults are known to consume children in almost the same way as baby animals are by lions! Violently and without remorse. I didn't end up needing my Kleenex as I was left more angry than sad, and I have set out to learn more about how I can help free children from the clutches of those who prey on them. "The Sound of Freedom" was a clear call to action. I am confident that this would be music to the ears of those who created this profound production!

     We strongly encourage you to see this movie. We do not recommend it for children. Check out the official trailer by CLICKING HERE

    Update:  October 26, 2023: Since posting this video, we have learned that Tim Ballard is being investigated for sexual harassment and misconduct.  This highlights the importance of screening and safeguarding, It also emphasizes the importance of taking every allegation seriously by engaging third-party investigations. We still believe the messaging in the film is critical, but we do not want to neglect the concerns regarding Tim Ballard.  CLICK HERE  to learn more. 

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