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  • Jul24Mon

    Whose responsibility, is it? (Plan to Protect® Trainers)

    July 24, 2023 Melodie Bissell

    We appreciate the dedication of Plan to Protect® Trainers. Every year we certify nearly 300-400 individuals to be qualified Plan to Protect® trainers. They attend our Train the Trainer Level One, Level Two or Train the Trainer Evergreen course. Certification is for three years. We recommend you recertify to stay abreast of changes in insurance requirements, best practices and legislation. We recommend recertifying to get the most updated Plan to Protect® training materials.

    That’s right when an individual takes one of our certification courses to become a qualified trainer, they receive our PowerPoints, Instructor Notes, Student Notes, and creative training methods for both Plan to Protect® initial orientation training and refresher training. You will also receive similar but modified, creative content to deliver our Be A SuperHero Training (course for teens that work with children).

    A qualified trainer will deliver training to leadership, volunteers and staff that work with or engage with the vulnerable sector. They are committed to training in a classroom setting to ensure comprehension and engagement with the material. Every Plan to Protect® Trainer provides abuse prevention, prevention, and protection (reporting and response) in their training. This formula elevates the content from just a list of do’s and don’ts to inspiring training that helps the learner understand the big picture. 

    In our Train the Trainer course, trainers also have learned the value of providing an initial orientation training that is 2 – 2.5 hours long and annual refresher training that is 45-60 minutes long. One of the responsibilities of the trainer is to schedule the training throughout the year, anticipating times that work for the greater audience. The trainer has also learned the importance of maintaining good documentation, meaning taking attendance during every training. 

    The benefits are many, both for the learner and the trainer.

    “I learned so much in this training, I never knew abuse was so prevalent.”

    “I am a victim and can’t tell you how much this means to me that you are training on this topic.”

    “As a trainer I find opportunities throughout the year to post and send out tips, reminders and quotes, reminding our workers that we have chosen Plan to Protect® to be our safeguarding model because they communicate that these precious people matter!”

    “I never want my team to complain about coming to my training, so I add new creative methods to deliver this important topic. I am so grateful for the courses I have received that have helped me become a better Trainer.”

    “The feedback I received from my coach, and from my audience is affirming. I have learned so much as I sharpen my skills.”

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