There is no doubt that your organization will benefit from Plan to Protect® membership!

Our members are comprised of organizations that are highly committed to abuse prevention and protection.

Our three membership packages make it easy for you to match your needs to the services that work best for you. 

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Plan to Protect® Implementation Package

Is your organization just getting started or in the early steps of Plan to Protect® implementation? Are you sure where to start or how to implement Plan to Protect®? Do you need help writing, customizing or updating your policies? Do you need help training your volunteers and staff? We can help! This package will provide you with everything you need to comply with insurance standards.

Plan to Protect® Implementation Package Benefits:

  • Professional, customized policies and procedures are written by our Plan to Protect® team
  • 40+ pages of forms and documents to get your team started
  • Registration for our Administrator/Leader Certification
  • 1 Registration for our Train the Trainer Certification
  • 10 On -line Orientation/Refresher Training registrations (or 10 PlanToProtect Apps)
  • Basic Membership benefits, including a copy of the Plan to Protect® manual (see below)


Plan to Protect® Basic Membership Package

Has your organization already begun implementing Plan to Protect®? Would your volunteers and staff benefit from access to our Special Interest Webinars and additional and ongoing support? We can help!

Plan to Protect® Basic Membership Benefits:

  • One copy of Plan to Protect® manual
  • Unlimited access to our exclusive members-only web content (includes manual updates, training resources, case studies and our library of recorded webinars)
  • Access to a data collection of best practices 
  • Unlimited registrations to LIVE Special Interest Webinars
  • 3-10 Plan to Protect® On-line training registrations 
  • 10% discount on Plan to Protect® products and services
  • Member support (by phone and email)
  • Discounted pricing with Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada Enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • PROTECT Publication
  • Use of the Plan to Protect® member logo
  • Monthly member e-newsletter
  • Plan to Protect® poster
  • Member listing on the Plan to Protect® website
  • Member-certificate
  • Online Member Forum


Plan to Protect® Going the Distance Package

Are you committed to the highest standard of protection and wish to have a strategic partner to help you achieve it? Providing one-on-one support, we will customize your policies, keep them up-to-date, train your volunteers and staff and train your leadership on how to implement and administer Plan to Protect®. 

This 3-year package is designed for organizations looking to fully adopt legislation and insurance requirements through certification and policy development. One of our Plan to Protect® team members will run the race with you for three years.

Plan to Protect® Going the Distance Benefits:

  • All Basic Membership benefits
  • Two Plan to Protect® manuals
  • Professional, customized policies written by our Plan to Protect® team
  • 40+ pages of forms and documents to get your team started
  • Two one-on-one consulting sessions
  • Train the Trainer Certification Training (one registration per year*)
  • Administrator/Leader Certification Training (one registration per year *)
  • Staff and Volunteer Training
    • Unlimited Plan to Protect® Orientation Webinars
    • Unlimited Plan to Protect® Refresher Webinars
    • Unlimited On-line Plan to Protect® Orientation and Refresher Training
  • During the second or third year, apply for the Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence

*Travel costs not included, Option for on-site training in-lieu of Administrator/Leader or Trainer Certification 

Note: Organization size is based on the total number of regular attendees/participants in all of your local programs and services and your annual revenue.

"We at Calvary are very grateful for the [Plan to Protect®] Going the Distance membership.  In July 2009 I took Admin/Leader and Train the Trainer courses on the recommendation of our AGC Office Administration. After taking the training I soon realized that our current Child Protection policy really needed to be updated. After our Christian Education Committee struggled with doing this on our own for the next year, we decided that we needed more help and so opted to upgrade our Membership from Basic to [Going the Distance] and take advantage of all that membership had to offer, including Criminal Record Checks as [Plan to Protect®] members, help in customizing a Plan to Protect® policy for our Church, presentation to our Board of Elders, unlimited Online Orientation Training for our volunteers and training for our staff, as well as mentoring and personal assistance throughout the process and a free Orientation Training done by [Plan to Protect®] staff...We also received invaluable assistance in learning what to do with all the mounds of record keeping that has to be kept forever! ... We at Calvary would highly recommend the Going the Distance Membership to everyone."  Judy Panter Office Administrator, Executive Assistant Day Camp Administrator and Christian Education, Calvary Church








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