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Plan to Protect 
has partnered with ScreeningCanada, the online Canadian background screening web application created for the International marketplace.  

The web application facilitates the ordering, processing, and delivery of Canadian searches in real-time, securely, accurately, and with confidence.  

Our process supports Canadian Privacy legislation, Data Protection Laws and Human Rights that vary considerably from other countries, and may be different from province to province.

Best practices in Canada recommend that you conduct a Vulnerable Sector Search/Check on all adults working with the vulnerable sector. 

Criminal Record Checks

Who Needs a Criminal Record Check? :
 Plan to Protect® recommends anyone in a position of trust with children, youth or vulnerable adults – this would include volunteers, staff, leaders, and board members. A person in a position of trust would be someone that a vulnerable person or the organization trusts.

Criminal Record Check Options


Initial Screening

Re-Checks/Renewals (every 3 yrs)

16 and 17 year olds

CPIC (Police Station) 

CPIC (Police Station)

Adults born on or after
February 28, 1986

Enhanced Criminal Record Check

Enhanced Criminal Record Check

Adults born before 
February 28, 1986

VSC (Police Station)

Enhanced Criminal Record Check



Canadian Police Information Check
Includes: a) Search of the Canadian Police Information Centre b) Locally held police information


Enhanced Criminal Record Check searches the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) within the National Repository of Criminal Records, including Investigative, identification and Ancillary banks plus Local Police Records which includes Police Information Portal (PIP) based on the candidate’s name and date of birth. The results provided are returned as Negative or Additional Check recommended.  

The Enhanced search will discover any Canadian Criminal Convictions that have not been pardoned or discharged as well as identifiers that additional information may be present related to the candidate. Search result details are not released to third parties, however, candidates identified by the Enhanced search are recommended to attend their Local Police Detachment for a detailed report or submit fingerprints. Candidates who obtain results independently from their Local Police may share results with the organization requesting a search.


Vulnerable Sector Check
Includes: a) Canadian Police Information Check; b) Locally held police information across Canada, including pending charges and 'persons of interest'; c) Check of the national pardoned sex offender database

Third party providers of Criminal Record Checks, including our Enhanced Criminal Record Checks cannot access the pardoned offender database. Plan to Protect® is recommending that you send new candidates directly to the police station to secure a Vulnerable Sector Check. Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada is able to provide Enhanced Criminal Record Checks, however, they do not include the pardoned component of the VSC/VSS.

Plan to Protect® Screening Canada Enhanced Criminal Record Checks. 

Cost: $29+tax/check if you are a Plan to Protect® Member OR $33+tax/check if you are not a Plan to Protect® Member

There is an invoicing fee of $200.00 per calendar year on all accounts which have sales volumes of less than $1,000.00 per year. However, we will waive this fee if you provide us with a credit card to automatically charge your invoices to - we will send out invoices marked as "paid" to your contact person when a charge has been made. 

 How do you get started? (Organization Paid Criminal Record Checks)

The procedure for Plan to Protect® to set you up with our Enhanced Criminal Record Checks for your organizations is simply this:

  1. Fill out the ScreeningCanada Setup Form at
  2. Complete and sign the payment policy. 
  3. Once we have set up your account and received your payment policy, you will receive an email with a link to activate your Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada account. Once you have completed that online form, you will receive an email with an End User Agreement.
  4. A User Guide and your log-in details will be sent to you to begin.
  5. We will provide support as you begin processing your checks.  We also provide a LIVE CHAT option during business hours to address your questions. All this information will be sent by email within one business day after the on-line form has been completed. 

Vulnerable Sector Checks

A vulnerable sector check is an enhanced criminal record check used to verify if an individual has a record suspension (formerly pardon) for sex offences. People who volunteer or have jobs where they are in positions of trust or authority over children or vulnerable persons can be asked to obtain a vulnerable sector check. Accurately referred to as Vulnerable Sector Search/Check (VSS), federal policy prescribes that these checks can only be initiated by the Canadian police service where the applicant lives. 

Please note: If potentially relevant, locally-held information is located, the applicant will be referred to their local police service for further investigation and/or fingerprinting. The applicant’s local police service will review any discovered materials for relevancy to the application. ONLY police services may authorize the release of locally held police information.

More about Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada Enhanced Criminal Record Checks: 

Our web application facilitates the ordering, processing, and delivery of Canadian searches in real-time, securely, accurately, and with confidence. 

Our process supports Canadian Privacy legislation, Data Protection Laws and Human Rights that vary considerably from other countries, and may be different from province to province.

This service adds an extra layer of thoroughness to a background check, potentially flagging the existence of relevant information that may not always be revealed through a standard Canadian Criminal Record Check alone.

Advantages of using Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada:  

  • Live Chat functionality for immediate client and candidate support
  • Cost savings for the client
  • Local knowledge and Canadian expertise
  • Convenient online reporting
  • Integrated with Accredited Police Agencies
  • Both client and candidate to access completed results
  • Industry-leading security protocols, encryption, and integration methodologies
  • Extended options for ID verification

Search options: 
  • National Criminal Background Checks
  • Credit Reliability Reports
  • Provincial Driver Abstract Records
  • Education Verifications
  • Employment Verifications
  • Credential Verifications
  • Social Media Audits
  • E-Reference Checks

Declaration of a Criminal Record

An additional service allowing individuals to declare previous convictions in Canada at the beginning of the Criminal Record Check process, and then have that information verified by police. 



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