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Plan to Protect® Masterclass
Join us for a free 5-day workshop

Our free, 5-day Live Masterclass will teach you the five simple steps to identify risks and implement a strategy to prevent abuse and protect children, youth and vulnerable adults.

For the first time we are capturing the highlights of the Plan to Protect® certification trainings, our best practices and standards and unveiling them in this 5 day launch.

1:00pm EST each day Melodie and the team will be live on both Facebook and Instagram to teach. Session will be recorded and available to review in the group during the launch.

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What is Plan to Protect®

Plan to Protect® (a social enterprise, incorporated under the name Winning Kids Inc.) provides Plan to Protect®, abuse prevention strategies, policies and training to organizations serving the vulnerable sector globally. Plan to Protect® provides a high STANDARD of protection, meeting the insurance company demands for abuse coverage and demonstrates duty of care. Parents and guardians seek out camps, recreation centres, schools, churches, and daycares that embrace the STANDARD of Plan to Protect®, providing a peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands.

Who is Melodie Bissell?

Melodie Bissell, CEO of Plan to Protect®, is a highly sought-after consultant, trainer and subject expert who has helped thousands of camps, schools, churches and community achieve a high standard of protection and abuse prevention.

Melodie is a co-author of the best-selling Plan to Protect® manual.
Before launching Plan to Protect® she was an Executive Director of a children’s charity, Editor of Excellence Magazine, and National Children’s Point Person for a family of 450 churches. Melodie has been recognized as an inspiring, influential entrepreneur.

Join Melodie, our team, members and a number of our Advisory Council for the launch of our Masterclass.

Who is the Masterclass designed for?

  • Board members and Senior Leadership responsible for policy writing, mitigating risk and those responsible for crisis response within their organizations
  • Safety team members responsible for implementing abuse prevention and protection of the vulnerable sector
  • Administrators responsible for managing documentation
  • Designated Trainers responsible for equipping program personnel with the knowledge of abuse awareness, protection and prevention

Inside the Masterclass you will receive:

  • Highlights from our best practices from all of our certification trainings (Administrator/Leader Level 1 & 2), (Train the Trainer Level 1 & 2) and Crisis Response and Management Course
  • Many case studies ... some directly from leaders that faced these risks head-on
  • Wisdom from experts in their industry, including some of our own Advisory Council Members
  • Testimonials from Plan to Protect® members that have achieved a high standard of protection
  • Introduction to the Plan to Protect® team members
  • Simple tips on how to qualify for and maintain abuse coverage from your insurance company
  • Step-by-step guides to our 5 Step Implementation Strategy
  • Many prizes
  • Answers to many of your questions; and
  • Much more!

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