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    SafetyFirst Screening Kit (Canada)

    SafetyFirst Screening Kit


    Do you work as a frontline worker engaging with the vulnerable sector?  Do you work in homes as a service provider? 

    Protect yourself and demonstrate that safety is your first priority. 

    Plan to Protect is a thought leader in abuse prevention and the protection of others. 

    Our SafetyFirst screening kit includes:
    • An Enhanced Criminal Record Check (SRP $33),
    • Abuse Prevention and Safety Orientation Training (SRP $30),
    • Your choice of a Plan to Protect Pocket Guide of Best Practices for children, youth, vulnerable adults or special needs (SRP $9);
    • A certificate upon successful completion.
    Upon purchase, you will  ...
    1. Receive a confirmation email with a short survey so that we can place you in the course best suited for you and prepare your resources for shipping;
    2. An invitation to complete an enhanced criminal record check online.  Results are returned 1-3 business days.  You will also receive an email confirming you have been registered for the Plan to Protect® Orientation Training.  This is an online course covering abuse prevention and protection of the vulnerable sector.  The course also provides you with the knowledge to protect yourself from wrongful allegations of abuse.  
    3. Upon successful completion of the course and enhanced criminal record check, we will mail out to you your certificate of successful completion in the SafetyFirst Screening Kit, and your pocket guide of best practices.  

    Thank you for placing SafetyFirst in your service activity. 

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