Special Interest Webinars

Plan to Protect® offers an extensive series of Special Interest Webinars on topics that are deeper dives into topics of special interest for individuals who work with children, youth, persons with disabilities, or the elderly. Our Special Interest Webinars are extremely helpful in approaching a wide variety of topics ranging from administration to leadership to awareness. Included in the webinar is an opportunity to ask questions of the Instructor.

See the bottom of the page for the schedule of upcoming Special Interest Webinars.

Each of these webinars is recorded and made available for purchase to view LIVE and once recorded are available on our On-line school  or FREE for members in the member section.  To see a catalogue of recorded webinars please visit

Sample Webinar Topics

Working with Persons with Disabilities

  • Interacting With Those With Disabilities
  • Supporting the Use of Assistive Devices
  • Plan to Protect® for Persons with Disabilities
  • Supporting Families of Children with Disabilities


Working with Vulnerable Adults

  • Plan to Protect® for Vulnerable Adults
  • Risks Among the Elderly
  • Safety During Hospital and Shut-In Visits

Youth Programs

  • Dealing with Teen Crisis
  • Implementing Plan to Protect® in Youth Programming
  • Mentoring Under Plan to Protect® & Using Media & Social Networks
  • Youth Missions Trips
  • Preparing for Off-site Trips and Retreats with Youth

Administration & Team Leader Resources

  • Recruitment and Screening
  • Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Searches
  • Policy Audits
  • Progressive Discipline  * NEW *

Help for Parents

  • Street Smart and Wise: Can I let my children out of my sight?  
  • Bullying
  • Social Media


Plan to Protect® Implementation

  • Plan to Protect® 101
  • Plan to Protect® for Small & Medium Organizations
  • Plan to Protect® for Large & Mega Organizations
  • Plan to Protect® Overview for Board Members and Senior Leaders
  • High Risk activities
  • Risks in Sporting

Teaching Strategies

  • Behaviour Management
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Behaviour Management for Disabilities
  • Interacting with Parents
  • Internet and Technology Safety
  • Duty of Care
  • Abuse Awareness
  • Bullying 

French Webinars

  • Plan to Protect 101
  • Documentation management
  • Bullying
  • The personalization of policies
  • Selection and hiring
  • Mentoring and Social Media
  • Report a case of violence
  • Violence awareness

Special Interest Webinars 

(12-1pm Eastern Time)

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Cost: $ 50 / organization (Free for Members), includes recorded replay.
Format: Live Webinars &

On-Site, and Private Group Webinar Training available upon request. Contact us HERE for pricing and availability.

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