Certification Training

Are you struggling to implement Plan to Protect®, meet insurance standards, recruit and screen volunteers and staff, train volunteers and staff, write policies or motivate people?  We can help! Become a Plan to Protect® Administrator/Leader and/or Plan to Protect® Trainer.


Level 1 and Level 2 (Re-certification) courses available. 

Learn how to administer, implement and maintain a strong abuse prevention program.

Benefits of this course:

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of identifying risks to the vulnerable sector
  • Learn implementation strategies for Plan to Protect®
  • Acquire skills to identify the different types and indicators of abuse
  • Learn to develop recruitment and screening strategies for volunteers and staff
  • Receive a policy template to assist your organization in establishing and updating policies for abuse prevention
  • Learn an easy-to-follow system for documentation management
  • Time given for networking opportunities with community leaders

 “I found this training course very informative and would highly recommend all organizations to work with Plan to Protect® to implement the highest standards of care and protection for youth.”  Susan McCormack (Scouts Canada, Ottawa) 

“Plan to Protect is one of the most comprehensive training programs for abuse preventing that there is. But Plan to Protect is about more than just policies. It is about educating churches and organizations about the issue of abuse and encourages all of the attendees to take the issue of abuse seriously. It is about changing our hearts and attitudes regarding abuse.”  Dale Ingraham (Executive Director of Speaking the Truth in Love, New York)

“The Plan to Protect training was incredibly useful. The training was very clear and the trainers were very willing to answer any questions during the process. Plan to Protect is something our camp values and we appreciate the willingness from the Plan to Protect organization in helping us create a safe environment for our guests and staff.” Janelle Conway (Rivers Edge Camp, Cremona)

Train the Trainer

Level 1 and Level 2 (Re-certification) courses available. 

Become a Plan to Protect® Certified Trainer. Learn how to train others within your organization on abuse prevention.

Benefits of this course:

  • Receive access to Training PowerPoints, Instructor and Student Notes, and tools for Orientation and Refresher training
  • Receive motivational material to help your team advocate for victims of abuse
  • Explore creative methods to assist with  different learning styles
  • Learn strategies to train members (adults and youth) of your organization in internal policies and procedures
  • Get tips on how to handle the response and reporting of allegations and suspicions of abuse
  • Opportunity to ask questions, and gain the information needed to answer questions during training sessions
  • Receive certification to teach the Orientation and Refresher Training to your organization’s staff and volunteers

“This course can really reveal how unprepared we are to deal with or prevent abuse in our churches.  Thank you for getting us started on this important matter!” Warren Dungen (Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert)

“This course was incredibly valuable for us – both as individuals and an organization – as we work toward becoming the safest organization for youth to volunteer with. Thank you!” Matt Tod (Associate Director - Learning & Development, WE.org)

I think that the Admin Leader and the Train the Trainer courses should be taken together.  I see the “whole” picture after taking both courses.” Sara Myers (Unionville Baptist Church) 

to watch a short video of testimonials from individuals who have attended our Certification courses.


On-Line Self-Paced Certification Training 

We are working around the clock to release our brand new On-Line Self-Paced Certification Training in early 2018. Courses offered include:

  • Administrator/Leader Level 1: Learn how to administer, implement and maintain a strong abuse prevention program
  • Train the Trainer Level 1: Learn how to train your volunteers and staff on abuse prevention and vulnerable sector protection.
  • Administrator/Leader Level 2 (Re-Certification): Learn how to maintain and strengthen your abuse prevention program and assess and evaluate your strengths and gaps.
  • Train the Trainer Level 2 (Re-Certification): Learn how to keep training new, interesting and engaging, learn strategies for overcoming training challenges and obstacles, and creative methods and tips for trainers.

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On-Site Dates and Locations for 2018

Level 1 courses only. Level 2 courses (Re-Certification) only available on-line.

Markham, ON - March 1 & 2 (9am-4pm each day)
Victoria, BC - May 3 & 4 (9am-4pm each day)
Calgary, AB - June 11 & 12 (9am-4pm each day)
Markham, ON - June 21 & 22 (9am-4pm each day)
Markham, ON - September 27 & 28 (9am-4pm each day)


$295* per course
Re-certification: $200 per course (if registered and paid before your 3 year expiry date).

“Recertification is so valuable in bringing back to the forefront of your mind, the importance of Plan to Protect® and gaining new policy [info], methods and findings.  Also [I enjoyed] learning from like-minded and passionate people.” Andy Spencer (Calvary Baptist Church, Guelph)

*Member and License discounts apply.  Payment required to secure registration.  If payment is not received 14 days prior to course date, a late fee of $30 will be applied. All prices subject to applicable taxes.

Registration Policy:

  • To guarantee your place, register and pay at least one week prior to the course. 
  • Registrations for On-site courses received less than one week prior to the course will be accepted based on availability.  
  • Registrations will not be accepted less than 2 days prior to the course.

Transfer Policy:

  • 7+ days before event = transfer with no fee to next available course (either local On-site or Live On-line), training materials must be returned at own expense
  • Less than 7 days before event = transfer with $25 transfer fee to next available course (either local On-site or Live On-line), training materials must be returned at own expense
  • Only one transfer allowed.

Cancellation policy:

  • 7+ days before event = 90% refund (10% administration fee is non-refundable)
  • 4 to 7 days before event = 75% refund
  • 24hrs to 4 days  before event = 50% refund
  • Less than 24hrs before event = no refund, transfer of registration, with $25 transfer fee, to next course available in your area.
  • Training materials must be returned at own expense
  • Cancellation after transferring from another course = 50% refund. Less than 24hrs notice given = 0% refund. 

Assignments and Text:

The Plan to Protect® manual is the required text for certification course (at extra cost if you don’t already have one). There are readings and assignments required prior to certification being granted.



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