Plan to Protect Training Courses for Abuse Prevention

Why train with Plan to Protect®?

  1. Plan to Protect® provides the Highest Standard of abuse prevention.
  2. Many insurance companies recommend that organizations use the services of Plan to Protect® to meet compliance regulations for abuse prevention.
  3. Plan to Protect® training and materials are updated regularly as we continue to do research.
  4. Plan to Protect® has training modules that prepare leaders for a wide variety of topics ranging from cyber bullying prevention to global youth trips to volunteer care, and much more.
  5. Between on-line and on-site training, Plan to Protect® can meet your organization’s unique learning needs.

At Plan to Protect®, our goal is to equip your organization with extensive abuse prevention training, tools, and support to ensure that children, youth, those with disabilities, and vulnerable adults are all protected. Our enthusiastic team is pleased to help you identify your organization’s specific needs and come up with a strategic plan to meet those needs.

What we offer?

  • Plan to Protect® Orientation and Refresher Courses;
  • Certification Training for Administrators/Leaders, Senior Leadership and Trainers;
  • Special Interest Webinars.

The size or type of organization doesn’t matter - if you work with the vulnerable sector, we have many great resources for you. As usual, those with Plan to Protect® Membership have additional benefits and discounts. Learn more about those HERE.


Not sure which is for you?

See descriptions below.

Plan to Protect® Orientation Training 

This training meets insurance requirements. 

  • Step 1 in Abuse Prevention Training
  • Learn: types of abuse, abuse recognition, response & reporting, insurance requirements, policies & procedures
  • Available On-Site, Live Webinars, or On-line

Plan to Protect Refresher® Training

This training meets insurance requirements. 

  • Annual training to reinforce and update previous Abuse Prevention Training
  • Review: types of abuse, abuse recognition, response & reporting, insurance requirements, policies & procedures
  • Available On-Site, Live Webinars, or On-line

Certification Training Programs

Plan to Protect® Train the Trainer Plan to Protect® Administrator/Leader Plan to Protect® Crisis Management and Response
Become equipped to train your own team in Abuse Prevention. Become the Plan to Protect® administrator/ leader in your organization. For board members and senior leadership in organizations that work with the vulnerable sector.
Receive helpful training and empowering materials. Learn how to run, implement, and maintain a strong Abuse Prevention program. Learn to address crisis response and management prior to the crisis, hearing about a crisis, immediate responses and dealing with the media.
Available On-Site and On-line. Available On-Site and On-line.
Available On-line.

Special Interest Webinars

  • Receive training in specific areas
  • Mix and match for your organization’s needs
  • Available On-Site and through Live Webinars





Orientation & Refresher



On-line Training



Certification Training



Special Interest Webinars