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  • Aug13Tue

    We Too by Mary DeMuth

    Book Recommendations: We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis August 13, 2019
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    Abuse Awareness

    Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to be highlighting some great books targeting different segments of our society where abuse is present, and unfortunately too rampant. 

    According to Mary DeMuth, “Predators permeate every strata of society. My first abusers were Boy Scouts. This man? A doctor. They infiltrate trustworthy structures like organizations, sports, and, yes, even the church.”

    If it is true that the sexual abuse crisis has permeated every corner of our world, including the church, we need a strategy to combat each strata.

    How we respond to both its menacing proliferation and the shattered hearts of survivors is vital. God beckons us to be good Samaritans to those facing trauma and sexual brokenness in the aftermath of abuse, to provide safe places to heal in community. 

    In the pages of her newest book, We Too, author and advocate Mary DeMuth encourages the church she loves to rise up and face the very real evil of sexual abuse and harassment--with candor and empathy. Based on current research and survivors' stories, along with a fierce fidelity to Scripture, DeMuth paints a realistic picture of the church's historical and present response to sexual violence, and she provides a framework of revival and surprising hope for the future.

    You will learn:

    • What the Bible says to the sexually exploited.
    • What harms and what empowers those who have been traumatized by abuse.
    • How Jesus provides us a relational framework that welcomes victims, decries secrecy, forsakes reputation management, and deals justly with perpetrators.
    • How to determine if your church is moving toward becoming a truly safe place.

    This book is a great complement to Plan to Protect®. I highly recommend it for all of our church clients.  Oh Church, we desperately need this book.  We make efforts to prevent abuse by doing criminal background checks, writing policies and training.  However, too often we grumble about it, feel it is an obstacle to ministry, say we know everyone, or it couldn’t happen here.  But, within our churches are victims of abuse, men and women, boys and girls who carry the painful memories of being exploited by others.  The abuse happened outside the church or even within the walls of our church, by individuals that were called to be holy and God fearing.  Mary’s book We Too: How the Church can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis is filled with theologically sound teachings, practical suggestions to demonstrate care and a call to action.  We the Church need to care for victims within our local congregations who struggle to find healing and wholeness.  Our response to abuse, protection and prevention will make a world of difference.  Rise up Church! I strongly encourage you to read this book by Mary DeMuth.

    Mary's book is available at your favourite bookstores and Amazon and LifeWay. 

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